DAB Challenge - June

Welcome to the Monthly DAB Challenge! The purpose of this competition is to see who can fix the most links to disambiguation pages that existed as of June 1st.

How to score points

The scoring system is straightforward - make an article no longer link to one of the disambigs in the list, and you earn one point.

These types of edits will earn you points:

Through redirect and template edits you can rack up points with a single edit. If a template with a disambig link is transcluded in 30 articles, and fixing that template causes all 30 articles to no longer link to the disambig, you receive 30 points. (Note though that it usually takes a couple of days for template fixes to be reflected by the articles that transclude them, so be patient when waiting to see results.)

These types of edits will NOT earn you points:

There are several compelling arguments I could make to justify this policy, but the simple truth is leaving out these scenarios made the programming a lot easier.

A final note on scoring: it isn't going to be perfect. Some edits will be improperly attributed, and others may not be caught by the system. But I've tried to keep this at a minimum, and don't expect it to ruin anyone's standings.

A word of caution

The purpose of this competition is to have fun, acknowledge the contributions of others, and improve Wikipedia. Anyone who does not make constructive edits (for instance, by making hasty, uninformed edits that have to be fixed later) will be banned indefinitely from the leaderboards. As insurance against this, I've created the ability to view the dab-fixing efforts of others (see below).

Current leaderboard for June

This list, updated hourly, includes anyone who has fixed at least 10 links from the disambig list this month. The second link goes to a page that lists what articles the user has fixed, what disambig was involved, and the diff of the "fixing" edit.

   1. Rodw  2460 fixed
   2. ColRad85  543 fixed
   3. Cnwilliams  416 fixed
   4. StAnselm  221 fixed
   5. Natg 19  131 fixed
   6. I dream of horses  68 fixed
   7. GoingBatty  62 fixed
   8. The Banner  47 fixed
   9. R'n'B  45 fixed
  10. BD2412  38 fixed
  11. Loffe  32 fixed
  12. Musashi1600  31 fixed
  13. Mesidast  27 fixed
  14. Tassedethe  22 fixed
  15. Leschnei  17 fixed
  16. Adamtt9  13 fixed

The List for June

On the first of every month, a new list of disambiguation pages with links is generated. Listed below are those disambiguation pages from the eligible list that have 5 or more incoming links. The full list of Challenge links is available at this page. The number of links is updated once daily, so you can see what disambigs are still available. If all links to a disambig are fixed, or if it is no longer a disambig, it will not be displayed.

   1. All Nepal National Free Students Union   17 links
   2. Salix fragilis   14 links
   3. Drug use   12 links
   4. Koszalin Voivodeship   11 links
   5. Retraction   11 links
   6. Risala   11 links
   7. Supreme deity   11 links
   8. Block voting   10 links
   9. Madhesi Janadhikar Forum   10 links
   10. Baux   9 links
   11. Rai language   9 links
   12. Consort Yu   8 links
   13. Glam pop   8 links
   14. Imam Hasan   8 links
   15. Juke music   8 links
   16. Parietal foramen   8 links
   17. Polyana   7 links
   18. Surface pressure   7 links
   19. Tibetan language   7 links
   20. Avellana   6 links
   21. Conservative Christianity   6 links
   22. Grand Theater station   6 links
   23. Mahasena   6 links
   24. Salaam   6 links
   25. Source   6 links
   26. Tallaboa   6 links
   27. Arif   5 links
   28. Chicka   5 links
   29. Communist Party of Nepal (Maoist)   5 links
   30. Gary O'Neill   5 links
   31. Prem Singh   5 links
   32. Protognathus   5 links
   33. Spastic   5 links

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