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   1. Nayanjot Lahiri (diff)      St. Stephen's College
   2. Liza Soberano (diff)      St. Patrick's High School
   3. List of songs from Sesame Street (diff)      Someday
   4. Siege of Ani (1064) (diff)      St. Pancras
   5. Diez, Germany (diff)      St. Mary's
   6. St. Louis (diff)      St. Louis Sheriff's Department
   7. St. Laurence High School (diff)      St. Lawrence High School
   8. Alfhausen (diff)      St. John's Church
   9. Dr. John (diff)      St. James Infirmary
   10. Woodville, Mississippi (diff)      St. Francisville
   11. International Joint Commission (diff)      St. Croix River
   12. Izmaylova's House (diff)      St. Catherine's Cathedral
   13. Matthew Klam (diff)      St. Albans School
   14. Ravanasura (film) (diff)      Srikanth
   15. ETV (Telugu) (diff)      Sri Valli
   16. Squeamishness (diff)      Squamish
   17. Maryland Ridge Community (Indiana) (diff)      Springville, Indiana
   18. Kha b-Nisan (diff)      Spring equinox
   19. Gyalpo Lhosar (diff)      Spring Festival
   20. Yuba River (diff)      Spring Creek
   21. 2023–24 North Carolina Tar Heels men's basketball team (diff)      Spring Branch
   22. SC 500 bomb (diff)      Sprengbombe-Cylindrisch bomb
   23. San Diego Zoo (diff)      Spot-nosed guenon
   24. CNN Philippines Newsroom (diff)      Sports Desk
   25. Virtua Pro Football (diff)      Sport Club Corinthians
   26. Service account (diff)      Spoof
   27. George Johnston (ice hockey) (diff)      Spokane Flyers
   28. North to Alaska (diff)      Spoiler
   29. Splitting (psychology) (diff)      Split subject
   30. Paddy McGuinness (civil servant) (diff)      Spinout
   31. Cuautitlán Izcalli (diff)      Spindle
   32. Persona 4 (diff)      Spin-off
   33. List of programs broadcast by Disney Channel (South Korean TV channel) (diff)      Spin
   34. Phidippus audax (diff)      Spiderling
   35. Guiyang biota (diff)      Spicule
   36. Harihara I (diff)      Speculative
   37. Atharvaveda (diff)      Speculation (disambiguation)
   38. Allegations of Chinese government interference in the 2019 and 2021 Canadian federal elections (diff)      Special rapporteur
   39. John Abraham filmography (diff)      Special Task Force
   40. State bureau of investigation (diff)      Special Investigations Section
   41. Sparks Fly (song) (diff)      Sparks Fly
   42. Scala (programming language) (diff)      Spark
   43. Aviazione Legionaria (diff)      Spanish North Africa
   44. Colonial empire (diff)      Spanish Africa
   45. Latvian language (diff)      Soviet occupation of Latvia
   46. Alfred-Ingemar Berndt (diff)      Soviet dive bomber
   47. Workers' council (diff)      Soviet Republic
   48. Briana Provancha (diff)      Southwestern Yacht Club
   49. Parma Panthers (diff)      Southwestern College
   50. Nimi Briggs (diff)      Southern Nigeria

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