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   1. Hanoverian Army (diff)      Prince Eugene
   2. Marcos Rios (diff)      Portela
   3. Harrogate (diff)      Harrowgate
   4. 2022–23 K.V.C. Westerlo season (diff)      Gustaf Nilsson
   5. Rick Paulas (diff)      Greenpoint
   6. Irvine, California (diff)      Great Park
   7. Canpotex (diff)      Gordon McKenzie
   8. Shobu Yarlagadda and Prasad Devineni (diff)      Gowri
   9. Arka Media Works (diff)      Gowri
   10. Pulamaipithan (diff)      Gowri
   11. Sindhis (diff)      Mainstream
   12. Jat Sikh (diff)      Kang
   13. Henry Boucha (diff)      Henry
   14. Harry H. Vaughan (diff)      Henry Morgenthau
   15. Miles Taylor (security expert) (diff)      Hachette
   16. Mycobacterium smegmatis (diff)      HUC
   17. List of programs broadcast by Investigation Discovery (diff)      HLN
   18. Saasisha Mafuwe (diff)      HAI
   19. Georg Gaertner (diff)      German Republic
   20. List of Kettering University people (diff)      Gerald Johnson
   21. German Concentration Camps Factual Survey (diff)      George Smith
   22. Skene (surname) (diff)      George Skene
   23. Jewish-American comedy (diff)      George Jessel
   24. George H. Jackson (diplomat) (diff)      George Jackson
   25. Marc Ecko's Getting Up: Contents Under Pressure (diff)      George Hamilton
   26. 1983 Philadelphia Stars season (diff)      George Cooper
   27. Prince George of Wales (diff)      George, Prince of Wales
   28. Norman Chappell (diff)      Dead of Winter
   29. 1st Legislative Assembly of Singapore (diff)      David Marshall
   30. Ellensburg, Washington (diff)      David Wilkie
   31. International League T20 (diff)      David Weiss
   32. Marianne Rendón (diff)      Dede
   33. X Factor (Romanian season 5) (diff)      The Jungle Book (disambiguation)
   34. Memoirs of a Female Vagrant (diff)      Olney
   35. Mary Saxby (diff)      Olney
   36. List of children's animated television series of the 2020s (diff)      Max
   37. Satellite Award for Best Miniseries (diff)      David MacKenzie
   38. 2006 Georgia state elections (diff)      David Burgess
   39. 2022–23 UCI Cyclo-cross season (diff)      Danny Barnes
   40. List of EastEnders characters (2017) (diff)      Daniel Walters
   41. 1968 Democratic Party presidential primaries (diff)      Daniel Moore
   42. Show Me the Funny (diff)      Daniel Mitchell
   43. Victor Hedman (diff)      Daniel Boyle
   44. The Dukes of Hazzard: Reunion! (diff)      Daniel Anderson
   45. List of NHL on TSN commentating crews (diff)      Daniel Robertson
   46. Panama women's national under-20 football team (diff)      Dallas Texans
   47. John Constantine (diff)      DLC
   48. Atlético Chiriquí (diff)      Cristián Sánchez
   49. James Avery Artisan Jewelry (diff)      Corpus Christi
   50. Disney Masters (diff)      Al Hubbard

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