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   1. Vakko (diff)      Esentepe
   2. Impact of prostitution on mental health (diff)      Escort
   3. French football league system (diff)      Escaut
   4. Hookeriaceae (diff)      Eriopus
   5. Aljoscha (diff)      Goethe Museum
   6. Iranzamin School (diff)      Goethe-Schule
   7. Saddam Hussein (diff)      God is great
   8. George Nicolls (diff)      George Nichols
   9. List of international rugby union families (diff)      George Watson
   10. Ghatkopar (diff)      GWA
   11. Tyson Yoshi (diff)      GC
   12. Tyson Yoshi (diff)      Tiab
   13. List of Ohio railroads (diff)      GWI
   14. Francis Lawrence's unrealized projects (diff)      Hugh Jackson
   15. Peter Perkins (diff)      Hugh Innes
   16. Jawbreaker (film) (diff)      Hub
   17. Horvat (diff)      Hrvat
   18. Alpha and Omega (film) (diff)      Howl
   19. Napoleon III Telescope (University of Notre Dame) (diff)      Howard Park
   20. FX (Russian TV channel) (diff)      Bear (disambiguation)
   21. Siege of Copenhagen (diff)      Battle of Copenhagen
   22. Middle Class Working Families Task Force (diff)      Barack Obama presidential campaign
   23. Ning'an (diff)      Mongke Temur
   24. Mengu-Timur (diff)      Mongke Temur
   25. Mengtemu (diff)      Mongke Temur
   26. Mataranka Thermal Pools (diff)      Bitter Springs
   27. Elsey National Park (diff)      Bitter Springs
   28. Radimichs (diff)      Narew (disambiguation)
   29. Robert Duvall (politician) (diff)      OD
   30. Hypothyroidism in dogs (diff)      OD
   31. Pobiedziska (diff)      Posen
   32. Battle of Ławica (diff)      Posen
   33. Swimming at the 2002 Central American and Caribbean Games (diff)      Maria Rodriguez
   34. Similarity measure (diff)      Metric
   35. List of Malayalam films of 1982 (diff)      Garuda (disambiguation)
   36. Mime Gopi (diff)      Garuda (disambiguation)
   37. Index of Turkmenistan-related articles (diff)      Church of the Intercession
   38. Góra Kalwaria (diff)      1st Artillery Regiment
   39. Alois Liška (diff)      1st Artillery Regiment
   40. 1st Armoured Division (Poland) (diff)      1st Artillery Regiment
   41. Ang Chan II (diff)      Annam
   42. John Campbell of Mamore (diff)      Anne Campbell
   43. Annabelle Lengronne (diff)      Family (disambiguation)
   44. Lisa and Lena (diff)      Family (disambiguation)
   45. Watchman (diff)      Enforcer
   46. Cody McLeod (diff)      Enforcer
   47. List of Scooby-Doo media (diff)      The Phantom of the Opera
   48. Into the Labyrinth (TV series) (diff)      The Phantom of the Opera
   49. Divar, Iran (diff)      Dbar
   50. Autobiographic Sketches (diff)      Reminisce

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